Traditional IT Support

ANEW Solutions’ IT support is not just about fixing a computer, it is about keeping a business going…

The main focus of our business has always been supporting IT systems.  We concentrate on supporting your IT systems while you concentrate on running your business.

Support for your IT infrastructure develops into a very close relationship between the parties involved.  Over time – quite often a very short time – ANEW Solutions’ staff get to know our clients’ staff and this forms the foundation for a smooth partnership.  At ANEW Solutions we do not impose a maximum number of calls or call outs during a month – if a user rings we answer the phone, if a user emails us then an internal ticket is created and the task is assigned to a member of the team. (email:  When we support your IT, we become your IT department.

We have always tried to support any piece of infrastructure that is considered “IT” from desktop PCs, laptops, servers, routers, network switches, UPSs, monitors, printers, broadband, 3rd party software, email systems, Sage, ACT!, QuickBooks – the list seems endless and now includes scanners, remote devices, smartphones, tablets, ipads – basically anything that has internet access and is used in the function of the business.

So, what peace of mind does a customer get when we support them?

guaranteed response times

guaranteed service levels

constant monitoring of servers, desktops, Windows updates, virus updates, broadband*

call out to site at no extra cost

remote access to computers

full documentation of 3rd party suppliers (where possible)

recommendations and input into IT related activities

With a plethora of devices to manage, our support services needed to become more proactive so we analysed the market for specialist tools to underpin our service and invested in a Remote Management and Monitoring System (RMM) called Naverisk.  With Naverisk* now “live” within our business we can pro-actively monitor and manage your server, desktops, laptops, switches, routers, broadband and printers.

We currently support, in one way or another, just short of 100 different organisations across South Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and Humberside plus a couple of businesses in Manchester and a nationwide organisation.  Our client base ranges from 1 man-bands working from home to a 125 user organisation with 85 remote staff.

Most of our clients are still local but with our RMM tool in place, after receiving an alert, we can often look into an issue before it has impacted your business, affected the user and caused any downtime.

Our staff are Microsoft Certified Professionals or technically trained by third parties, not self taught and we follow the best practice guidelines and the methodologies provided by our technical partners, such as Microsoft, Draytek, Netgear, AVG and Infrascale.

We’re certain we have an IT support solution for you.