Microsoft Azure

AZURE is a collection of integrated cloud services

for hosted computing, hosted databases & applications, websites, mobile, networking & storage


For more information go to What is Microsoft Azure? but make sure you contact us for a solution that meets your requirements.

Microsoft’s cloud server infrastructure, called Azure, is a globally deployed multi-fail-over computing infrastructure which can be used to:

  • host applications for example Sage, QuickBooks, Clik, Dynamics & CRM solutions
  • host Windows servers
  • host Linux servers
  • host websites
  • backup business critical data
  • host a remote server connected to your existing on-premise network

If you are a Microsoft Office 365 user, then you are already utilizing the Azure architecture.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements and put together a solution that not only provides the latest technology but also the best architecture to grow and adapt with you and your changing requirements which will fundamentally provide business benefit.

ANEW Solutions is a Silver Competency “Small and Mid-Market Cloud Solutions Partner”, we believe that the industry standard for applications will be cloud based and our clients in the short to medium term, will have an infrastructure which is a “hybrid” one; a mix of on-premise and cloud servers.